Monday, July 29, 2013

The start of the Shakedown

Well here we are at a beautiful Island anchorage, fireworks display and all.

Sorry no photos, just a quick update. We went to Sydney, near Victoria, to get the radar and anemometer cables in. No wind for the crossing but moored with a fabulous full moon. Very nice.

Serge and Adrian at Yachttech tried to pull them in but we ended up having to pull the mast which let me see the internal makeup off the mast. Serge did a great job, an excellent group of professionals to work with.

This was followed with a quick trip up Sansum Narrows to Ladysmith to visit an old friend, Ken Knight. The next morning we caught Dodd Narrows at about 1 hour before full ebb so we were slowed to 2.1 Knots made good over the ground at the narrows but the area was fabulous. As a kid I would watch boats from the shore and be amazed how the narrows would run like a river and then change and run the opposite direction. It was fun being in the boat.

We continued to Nanoose when the engine died. We sailed back to Nanaimo and made anchorage at Protection Island. Now we are getting the gearbox rebuilt. A sailors's plans are written in sand at low tide. All is great and the sun feels tropical.

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  1. Great updates Gord... We're following your blog pretty intently here.