Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Norman Island, Day 6

Norman Island, Day 6, British Virgin Islands

Tuesday, 24-March-2020

The Bight
Green Lines are Kanilela's route, dotted lines are ferry routes, I borrowed the map....

Well isolated at the anchorage still. The Pirates Bight Restaurant has closed until further notice but they are such good people that they left the internet connection on for the cruisers who have to remain. The numbers in the anchorage are now below twenty as the last of the charter boats leave. Those who are left are typical friendly cruisers albeit from a greater distance. There are a few other anchorages we can venture to without being around people but for now The Bight is good and we have not exhausted all of the hiking trails.
A south side bay, the water clarity is incredible.
Yesterday we hiked up to the ridge and looked down into the bays on the south side of Norman Island. After I post this we will probably hike the ridge above the north shore. No people, no contact.
Mags up close to a cactus. It is a surprisingly dry island.
So what is this egret, a water wading bird doing at the top of the ridge?

We hope all family, friends and blog followers are well and handling the new constraints successfully. There will be an end to this and if we do a good job of limiting exposure it will be sooner rather than later. To any of you providing essential services, we are eternally grateful. Protect yourselves as best you can and do not be shy about insisting people maintain a safe distance.
Kanilela riding a mooring buoy.


  1. Just checked out all of your info and so enjoyed reading about where you have been and what you have been doing. Stay safe!