Saturday, May 30, 2020

BVI to Grenada

British Virgin Islands to Grenada

Saturday, 30-May-2020

On the Move Again
Grateful for BVI's having us for so long and Grenada for opening their borders
but look at all the islands we are missing. Maybe next year.

We have received permission from Grenada to enter the country. Our arrival period is scheduled from June 3rd to 5th, we are hoping to arrive on the morning of June 3rd but Mother Nature will have the final say on the insignificant plans of man. As I have been saying, Grenada, at 12 degrees North latitude is south of the usual Hurricane tracks and storage of international sailboats is an important part of the Grenadian economy. They have come up with a very organized plan where you apply for entry stating your desired arrival. There are only three arrival days per week and they only schedule a certain number of entries per week. Once in Grenada, there are four coordinates in a rectangle on the more protected west coast. You must register your arrival and stay in the quarantine anchorage for fourteen days. You may swim around your own boat but you may not swim to any other boats.

Grenada has had thirty-one cases of Covid 19 and no fatalities. They are trying hard to maintain that while opening an important part  of their economy. The Marine and Yachting Association of Grenada (Mayag) have worked hard to put this plan in place and as we enter the second week of implementation we hear it is being very successful. So a thank you to Mayag is indeed in order.

Secondly, our departure from the BVI is a bitter sweet moment. The local islanders have always been friendly and always helpful. The islands are beautiful and the snorkelling incredible. For the last month we needed to stay close to wifi while we sorted out our Immigration status and to stay in contact with Grenada. The Marina staff are handling their changed role very well even while there is obvious economic hardship on the Islands. We would happily leave the boat here but the signs of hurricanes Irma and Maria are evident still so leave we must.

I hurt my back a few weeks ago and fortunately Eureka Medical Clinic is close to the Village Cay Marina. The GP and Radiologist I first dealt with were extremely good and within an hour I had been checked, five xrays taken and was in to see Dr. Klas Buring an Orthopedic Surgeon. Two cortisone shots over the following week and I am feeling much better.

As you will see on the accompanying map we are passing a lot of islands on our trip to Grenada. It had always been our intention to stop at most of them on our trip south but most are still closed or would require a quarantine plus we would not be able to do any sightseeing. We are hopeful that next year we will be able to cruise north through these islands, the Lesser Antilles, before heading west to Cartagena, Columbia.

Not certain when we may get a flight back to western Canada and will have to do another fourteen day quarantine there when we arrive. The new Corona Virus normal. Hope you are all well, stay safe.

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  1. Dear Mags and Gordon, we swam to our anchor. That was in shouting distance, so we now can read your blog. Wonderful. We hope to meet you in one of the bays in Grenada once all this is over. Stay healthy and safe. Thank you for sharing your blog with us. We like your style and adventures.
    Your anchor neighbors Petra and Alfred