Monday, June 1, 2015

Puerto Chiapas

Wednesday, 27 May, 2015

Puerto Chiapas – Another Change of Plans

Well, all of the lightning we have been seeing has convinced us, we will wait out the rainy season here on the Mexico Guatemala border.

We have made it to the most southerly area of the hurricane zone and this Marina is a well secured location. A little further south would possibly be better for the remote chance of a hurricane but every mile south increases the chance of a lightning strike taking out all of our navigation equipment, electronics and electrical systems. This is a nice place.

When Lexi joined us back in La Cruz, Bahia Banderas, about 960 miles ago, we did not know how far south she would accompany us. With our decision to stop here for 4 months, she decided she would continue down to Guatemala by road tomorrow. As luck would have it, Mags and Lexi were out on the foredeck this morning when a friendly couple with their 2 teenage children were walking past on the dock. From the ensuing conversation about our trip south and Lexi’s future plans, they learned that the couple were from Guatemala City and if Lexi could be ready, they were returning today at 3:00pm and Lexi could join them! A hitchhikers dream come true – caught the next ride from the bow of the last ride!

We will miss her, she was a great cook, keen to learn everything about sailing and it was a real pleasure having the 0400 to 0800 watch looked after so we could sleep. She is a driven traveller who has experienced much in her young, relative to us, years. We know we will undoubtedly see her in another port some time and look forward to hearing of her adventures. Good luck and fair winds Lexi.

on left, Paul and Judy from s/v Grace, Seattle between Paul and Mary from s/v Genisis III, Edmonton, on right Wayne and Judy from s/v Curiositas, Victoria between Mags and me, s/v Kanilela - Happy Hour Puerto Chiapas Marina
There were four boats here with their US and Canadian crews when we arrived and they all concurred with the recommendations we were given by the group of cruisers back in Huatulco, “don’t go into Costa Rica and Panama during the tropical lightning storms” Three of the couples have since left for Guatemala where they have registered for a week or two of Spanish lessons. Some have already done some local land travel and have been to other Central American destinations inland. The idea is so enticing that Mags and I have decided to do some land travelling in Guatemala and here in Chiapas.

A Ray Fly By
Plans are made to be improved……

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