Saturday, May 16, 2015

Ixtapa - Zihuatanejo

Friday, 15 May 2015

Ixtapa – Zihuatanejo

Who knew that paradise was coated with very sticky fly-paper? Our intention was to spend two days here and continue on to Huatulco. Why are we still here, five days later? Well class, our new Spanish phrase for today is:


These are large ocean swells that roll in from the Pacific. I say large, in fact out at sea, they are not that noticeable, but as they reach the shore they become serious. (Google: Mar de Fondo, Acapulco for the waves that hit that area on May 5th or check any of the coast from Mazatlan to Chiapas as they are rolling in again).

We arrived on Monday the 11th and there was a small swell in the narrow Ixtapa entrance but nothing that made us too concerned. Tuesday, we took the bus to Zihuatanejo to celebrate Mag’s birthday and see the sights. (Zihuat will be the next blog) While passing a small shop I saw a scene of coastal devastation on television and asked the guy watch if he knew where it was from. Si, esto es Acapulco, semana pasada. Acapulco last week!

A 3m wave at entrance
When we arrived back to the marina, the harbour entrance was closed and another set of Mar De Fondo swells were starting up. The next morning we walked to the port entrance and Mags got some pictures. The shallowest point is 8 feet on a calm day, the troughs are probably 5 feet in the photo, Kanilela draws 6 feet!

The buoys in center were side by side, hmmmm

Later that day, Mags and Lexi were walking in the marina and discovered why we never see crocs in the river estuaries we venture into. There here in the Marina! 

Cocodrilo (yep, crocodile) more than 2m swimming in the marina

Lots of teeth too!
Well this morning has a yellow flag for the harbour so we will make a run for it.
This leg will be 3 days and nights to Huatulco, all going as planned. We do not intend to stop in Acapulco. More later.


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