Thursday, May 28, 2015

La Crucecita - Marina Chahue, Huatulco

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Bahias Huatulco, La Crucecita

The town of La Crucecita is about 4 kms from Marina Chahue and although it is a pretty walk the heat made the 25 peso taxi rides too tempting to refuse.
La Crucecita Plaza

The town center has a plaza filled with large old shade trees. Neighbouring bays have large resorts but the town La Crucecita is set slightly inland so the central area remains largely unchanged from years ago.

The church from the plaza

There are several boutique hotels in the old town and an earlier Italian influence is present in both restaurants and deli selections.

One of the Boutique Hotels
Another updated hotel
The Italian influence
A beautiful street scene
In keeping with our experience in Mexico, the people are quick to smile and offer assistance. This area has received a huge influx of Canadians and we are well regarded. We are only unique in that we are here so late in the season and that we are sailing not flying in to condos on the beach.

Cruise ship in Santa Cruz
The next bay to Chahue is Santa Cruz which has a cruise ship dock and a palapa lined beach.

Pangas in Santa Cruz waiting for cruise ship customers
We were constantly amazed by the number of Trunkfish, Porcupinefish and Balloonfish that swam n Marina Chahue. Mags even caught a photo of this eagle ray.
Lots of trunkfish and balloonfish in the marina
Mags' Eagle Ray in marina
The marina is subject to swell so good chafe protection is strongly advised but the staff  is helpful and friendly. No jejeneys or mosquitos at the marina but the shower is an open air, well, there are walls, cold water only structure, but who needs hot water down here? The new fuel dock is operational.

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