Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Road Trip - Puerto Vallarta


A Road Trip! Destination – Puerto Vallarta…

Okay, it’s only an 18 km journey but hey we were doing the whole road travelling thing – waving down buses, seeing the scenery whiz by, trying to decide when to get off. It was the whole road warrior package. I loved it.

The old cathedral
It may only be 10 Nautical miles but light-years separate La Cruz from the activity of PV. I am trying to be the only gringo in Mexico who has not been in a Senor Frogs. It is difficult with Mazatl├ín and PV having one on every 3rd corner but I will persevere.

Actually the old architecture and cobblestone streets in the old town are great. The bell tower’s lacy crown, a replica of Empress Carlota’s – well a little larger than hers, is really well done. Being waterfront people, we are becoming experts on Malecon sculptures and PV’s are excellent. Loved them all. The whimsical ones especially.

The Belltower Crown


There are lots of tourists but PV is clean and friendly and we got to go home to Kanilela in La Cruz at the end of the day. A fun time with lots of walking.

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