Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Mazatlan, Mexico


Back in Mazatlan:

The wedding on Ko Samui, Thailand was great. We met Emma’s new family and had a fantastic time with
Dean and all. We also spent 3 days in Bangkok with Bree and Matt on our return trip to Vancouver. It is an incredible city that just keeps growing. We had lots of fun revisiting the sites. If you haven’t been, go!

We also got to spend a week in North Vancouver with Cheryl, Dustin and Ojie. The little one that is due in June is growing fast and mom is looking great. My distinctive voice probably did some early imprinting. Trying to keep up to a 2 and a half year old is work! But tons of fun.

We had to pay overweight on our luggage back to Puerto Vallarta with all the dock line shock absorbers and chafe gear we returned with.

The bus ride back to Mazatlán was in daylight until about Tepic so some more sightseeing. The trip down from Mazatlán to Nuevo Vallarta was totally a day trip and the climate and terrain are so much lusher than the dry cactus country of the Baja and Sea of Cortez Islands. First class buses in Mexico are a large step up from riding “the ‘hound” across Canada and the US!

Other than nearly giving Lynn a target to practice her knife throwing skills at 2:00 am, when we returned to the boat, all was good on Kanilela. Having Lynn and Dean on Solastra docked beside Kanilela in our absence certainly gave a lot of peace of mind. Thanks guys….

We got to do some more exploring of old Mazatlán during the monthly Art Walk. We highly recommend it both for the art and the studios but also for the old Spanish architecture. Like everywhere, Mazatlán has grown incredibly since I first visited my parents there in 1969, but the old town has retained its charm and still is the place I remembered and enjoyed.

Chute in the sock with help from Dean, Mike and Vic, the "Dock 6 Regulars"

Looks good - on the dock......
We spent the rest of the week prep’ing the boat and visiting with the Mazatlán Marina Dock 6 “regulars”. They are a great group of people who have been a font of information both local and in Mike’s case right down to Panama. They are all packing up, leaving their boats for the summer and returning to the States and Canada so it is time for us to head south, probably tomorrow.

Isla Isabel is the destination if the weather Gods smile on Kanilela.

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