Thursday, March 26, 2015




Music III looking sweet!
We had a fabulous 27 mile sail from Mantanchen in the company of Music III. The winds held all the way out of the SSW. Kanilela was sailing as a true cutter with genny, stays’l and main. It was a fun sail.

Kanilela's Genoa, Stays'l and Main pointing nicely

Kanilela playing
We had been told by many people to stop at the small community of Chacala but when mother nature decides to intervene, even the best locations can lose their luster. Chacala is an open SW facing bay so the great wind for our sail down made for a rolly anchorage. It was a bit of a fight getting the dinghy into the water and getting the outboard on to set a stern anchor but we managed and had good dinner ashore with Bryan and Sharen. By then it was getting late so we didn’t do any sightseeing.

By morning the winds had clocked a bit more, so retrieving the stern anchor and flying the outboard and dinghy aboard had its own challenges as well. After a night of repeated anchor checks it was a good to head away early, even though the wind soon was dropping.
Chacala with the seas calmed down

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