Monday, March 30, 2015

Back in La Cruz!


Back in La Cruz!

About half way to Tenacatita, Mags checked the engine room, as we often do when running on the engine. For the second time she came back with a report of water filling the bilge. As a side note, we don’t leave the bilge pump on auto so that we will always know when we have issues – if we check the engine room! Also, if a diesel return line comes off we won’t be pumping raw diesel overboard by accident.

First question is always “can the pumps keep up?” Well they did and then it’s a quick search to find the source. Once again it was the raw water pump back seal. Only 460 hours on it since we replaced it in Walter’s Cove on the west coast of Vancouver Island last July. Mags found the bilge filling on that occasion as well.

We made the call to return to Banderas Bay area as Puerto Vallarta /La Cruz have a lot more marine supply opportunities. We were pumping every 10 minutes and made it back to the anchorage after dark but there was a good moon and it is an anchorage we know so all went well. No idea how long this may take but pictures and updates to follow.

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